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This investment newsletters' model portfolios not only beat the stock marketdelivering more than 400% profits over the last nine years - they did it while the stock market went boom and bust.  Read on if you want to learn the secret that an exclusive group of investors has been using to fatten their wallets while most other investors have struggled just to break even...

If you want an investment newsletter with easy to understand recommendations, a proven track record, and no gimmicks, then this might be the most important information you'll ever read.

Here's why:

  • You will only spend about one hour per month trading our easy system
  • You will have complete access to ALL of our past newsletters, trading data, and brokerage statement images
  • You will receive stock pick ideas in our model portfolios via email and our web site, with instant access to model portfolio trade recommendations from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet
  • Track your trade prices versus ours, since we tell you what trades we are going to make BEFORE we make them, and then post our trade execution prices to the web site

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2007 is no exception, with the Aggressive Growth System up 33%, while the S&P 500's return is 8%, year to date.

If you like to direct investments in part or all of your stock portfolio, and would like to get investment ideas from an investment newsletter with a documented track record of superior performance vs. the stock market as a whole, then what you are about to read could change your life.

Lets face it, investing in the stock market is difficult.  The average investor has been slaughtered over the past seven years - and as you've probably read, so have the "Professional" money managers running mutual funds, stock market guru's running investment advisory services, and financial advisors and stock brokers touting their latest "can't lose" stock picks.  If the "Pro's" can't do it with all of the research and other information they have at their fingertips on individual stocks, industry groups, and the overall stock market, then how can a small investor succeed in the stock market?

Picking stocks to invest in without a proven system doesn't work.  Index funds are great for diversification, but if you had invested in the S&P 500 index 7 years ago, you are just barely breaking even today.   The Growthstock Advantage Investment Newsletter has out performed the stock market over the last seven years - in fact, the Aggressive Growth system has an amazing documented track record with more than a 27% annual growth rate since it's inception.

Published since 1997, the model portfolios in The Growthstock Advantage Investment Newsletter have more than tripled in value. That covers the run up in the bull market, as well as the devastation of the latest bear market.  You can have access to these same legendary stock picks that many others are already receiving, to try for FREE - NO CREDIT CARD, NO OBLIGATION.

How can you know if these claims are true?  When you sign up for a free trial, we go a few extra steps, as compared to other investment newsletters:  

  • You will have complete access to every stock trade recommendation ever made in the newsletter - so you can see our whole trading record for yourself  
  • Unlike many other investment newsletters, we actually invest in our stock picks with real money in a real stock market trading account - validating the results in the market
  • We do our trading AFTER we tell you what stocks we are going to buy or sell, at the same time we recommend that subscribers following our model portfolios do their trading.  
  • Finally, we link our trade prices to images of trading statements from our low cost stock broker, so you can see for yourself that the prices we report are the prices we received.  
  • How does that compare with other investment newsletters you've researched?

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1Past performance does not guarantee or predict future results.  The Growthstock Advantage investment newsletter is not suitable for people seeking low to moderate risk investments. Consult your financial advisor before investing in any investment methodology or newsletter service.

Formerly published as Accelerated Asset Appreciation Advisory

Last Updated 6/2/07, ©, Inc., 2008

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