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Since you've come to this web site, you are probably an investor that takes your personal finance situation seriously - Congratulations - this puts you ahead of most of the crowd of ordinary investors who just pump money into a 401K, IRA, or some other investment vehicle, and wait for a statement in the mail. 

The Growthstock Advantage investment newsletter has been helping people just like you make money with stocks in the stock market for over ten years.  The model portfolios in this newsletter view stocks relative to the overall stock market, rank them based on proprietary statistical formulas, and fill each portfolio with stocks that have the potential to grow significantly over the near term.  Obviously, all of our stock picks have not been winners - but most of them have been, and you can view a complete list of our trading results by signing up for our free trial subscription.

3 Easy Steps

Each model portfolio consists of ten stocks that are chosen based on proprietary algorithms.  Subscribers choose which model portfolio they are going to follow, and then follow these three easy steps each month:

  1. The night before the first trading day of each month, subscribers receive The Growthstock Advantage investment newsletter in their email, highlighting the past months performance, and the new stocks for each model portfolio.  This newsletter is also posted on the password protected area of our web site, so people who can access a web browser, but are away from their email, can instantly access the newsletter as well.
  2. When the market opens on the first trading day of the month, subscribers buy/sell/rebalance stocks in their portfolio to match what was presented in the newsletter - this is being done at the same time as we are trading these stocks in our account as well, so our execution prices should be similar to those our subscribers receive.
  3. Occasionally throughout the month, stocks may be sold, or have stop loss orders placed under them, to lock in profits or limit losses, so subscribers should check their email before the market opens each day, and consider executing model portfolio trade recommendations that we send them.  A recent example: On 4/2/07, Dendreon (Symbol DNDN) was purchased for $13.30 per share as part of the April 2007 Aggressive Growth and Rapid Growth portfolios.  On the evening of 4/9/07, we sent an email to our subscribers telling them we were placing a stop sell order on DNDN for trading on 4/10/07 in our trading account. On 4/10/07, our stop sell order was triggered, and we sold DNDN for $22.30 per share, locking in a profit of over 67% in under a month, and posted our execution price on the website.
It's really that easy!

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1Past performance does not guarantee or predict future results.  The Growthstock Advantage investment newsletter is not suitable for people seeking low to moderate risk investments. Consult your financial advisor before investing in any investment methodology or newsletter service.

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