As of 6/1/07, $10,000 invested in our model portfolios starting on 1/1/03, would have delivered the results shown below:

Newsletter Performance Comparison

At the end of every month, we run a computerized statistical model against all of the stocks that we track. This computer model identifies and ranks stocks that exhibit the characteristics of other stocks that have increased in value at a faster rate than the overall market. We then apply proprietary filters to this list of stocks, and in the end, we have ten stocks that are recommended for the month. Each of the portfolios buy all ten stocks, with an equal dollar amount for each stock, at the opening of the market on the first trading day of the month. These ten stocks are held until the first day of the next month (unless they are sold sooner due to the execution of a stop loss order), when they are all sold when the market opens, and the process then repeats itself. This means that, in each model portfolio, you will have up to 240 stock trades per year (120 buys, 120 sells). Because of this, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use an online trading account in order to minimize trading commissions. We have a list of online brokers that have low commissions, typically in the $5 to $15 per trade range. For the graph on our home page, we included all commissions at the rate of $8 per trade (Ameritrade's published commission rates at that time), and starting on June 1, 1998, the commission changed to $5 (Brown & Co's published commission rates).

Some vital statistics on the Rapid Growth model portfolio

Start date: 12/1/97
Starting Capital: $10,000
Current Value (as of 6/1/07): $47,912
Effective compound annual rate of return (after trading commissions): 18%

Some vital statistics on Aggressive Growth model portfolio

Start date: 11/1/98
Starting Capital: $10,000
Current Value (as of 6/1/07): $82,603
Effective compound annual rate of return (after trading commissions): 28%

Trading details

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1Past performance does not guarantee or predict future results.  The Growthstock Advantage investment newsletter is not suitable for people seeking low to moderate risk investments. Consult your financial advisor before investing in any investment methodology or newsletter service.

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